When Bull Sharks Attack

Number 6 Matt Bowen In 2009, Matt Bowen was diving off the coast of Australia when a bull shark brutally bit into his leg. 24-year-old Bowen was exploring a wreck when the terrifying attack occurred. He’d initially thought that his diving partner was playing a prank on him. Bowen then Continue Reading

We don’t know why sharks bite people

I can’t really think of any other animal that gets as much press as sharks. There are very few animals that have a whole week of television programming dedicated to them. In fact, I would argue it’s built into our DNA to like things that are a little scary. It’s Continue Reading

Meet Pickles The Surfing, Painting Therapy Pig | CUTE AS FLUFF

COMM: Pickles – the therapy pig. COMM: He surfs. COMM: He paints. COMM: He educates. He makes people feel better. COMM: And he likes to dress as the notorious PIG. You work it pig. MADDIE: He is a therapy pig. So we go and we visit retirement homes and children’s Continue Reading

Corrida no Parque Ibirapuera

We are in the first week of 2017, and the goals you made for this year? Are you already getting started? I’m getting it and today I’m here in São Paulo at Ibirapuera Park and I’m going to show a you a little of my training, to motivate you to Continue Reading

Big Wave Surfing in Chile, Peru, and Mexico – Red Bull Chasing the Swell 2012

A historic surge heads to Chile, Peru, and Mexico …in a matter of one week. I was in Europe participating in some tournaments, but the swell had such magnitude that it caught the attention of all big wave surfers. Hey Ramon… Ok perfect, I’ll call you once I’m in Santiago. Continue Reading

One Hippo and Two Goat Boats | Who is JOB 9.0 S8E4

Poopies’ Powder Mountain Revenge | Who is JOB 9.0: S8E1

Hi, guys. Good morning. We’re here in Australia. [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] [GROANS] [BOTH GROAN] [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] JAMIE O’BRIEN: Whoo! Yeah, baby. Here we go. [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] So I’m going to walk the dogs and pack my boards right now. We got like fifteen minutes before we got to Continue Reading

Dragon Boat racing in Hong Kong – Red Bull Dragon Roar 2014

The Dragon Boat Festival started around 200 B.C. The Chu kingdom’s loyal minister, Qu Yuan, drowned himself in the river. The act of people racing in boats to search for his body in the river later became the tradition of dragon boat races. This year’s Dragon Roar is different from Continue Reading

Downhill longboarding event in Chile – Red Bull Big Drop

Hello my name is Diego Alemparte, and I am a Chilean long boarder. We are here in Santiago preparing for the Red Bull Big Drop. I am 28 years old and have been long boarding for 7 to 8 years. This is the most important long board contest that has Continue Reading

Surfing Showdown in Mundaka – Red Bull Rivals Spain 2014

Mundaka is one of the best waves in the world. Being here is very special for me… I’m so excited. The wave is amazing, and we’ll see how it goes. Let’s see if it’s true, if the Mundaka wave is as they say. This time the second leg is in Continue Reading