Os Filhotes Salvam a Super Corrida 🐾 Patrulha Canina Desenhos Animados no GTA V Mods | Tia Fê

PINCHED! by a Giant Beetle!

(playful music) – You guys see that? That’s a stag beetle. Right now I’m On Location in Costa Rica, working on some of my animal facts, because yes I do research before I actually get on camera. I look over there at the balcony railing, and what do I see. Continue Reading

Power Rangers summon the Bull Zords | Zeo – Ninja Steel | Neo-Saban Superheroes Bulls

[Adam] Zeozord IV, ready! Zeo IV, battle helmet, activate! While we’re at it, let’s blow his circuits. [Defender] Torozord, charge! (triumphant music) Magna Defender, transform! Defender Torozord! (zord roars) (explosions echo) [Danny] Bison Zord take them down! [Xander] Mystic Minotaur! [Jayden] I’ll pilot the Bull Zord! Okay Bull Zord, let’s Continue Reading