Minha corrida em Glen Helen! // A vida por trás do guidão Ep. 08

Episode 2 just getting started for you guys we are here now, the boys are setting up everything, starting friday with the press day and… I’m very confident, the nervous are gone now just want to thank everybody that was cheering me up at Hangtown so let’s go, i’m very Continue Reading

Red Bull Romaniacs 2010 – Day 5 “Final Day”

Saddle up and put on your mx googles! Cause it’s time for the Red Bull Romaniacs. It’s dirty it’s hard and it makes grown man cry. 5 days of dirt, pain, exhaustion and sweat. Get ready and start your engine, it’s the Red Bull Romaniacs When I’m not racing, I’m Continue Reading

Hard Enduro Racing through a Coal Mine – Red Bull 111 Megawatt

Mine. Mine. Of course — Coal mine. The biggest man-made hole. Great riding area. – Fun. – Motocross. Red Bull 111 Megawatt. ♪ (dynamic rock music) ♪ Taddy Błażusiak Tadek Błażusiak Tadek Błażusiak Tadek. Red Bull. Great event. Master class. Man with style. Master. Idol. Legend. My mate. A way Continue Reading

On The Speedway with Red Bull’s Mikkel B. Jensen

There are so many thoughts going through my body, but in the end, I’m just shutting it all out. The only thing I’m looking at is the start line, and then I’m thinking: here we go. Hi, my name is Mikkel B. Jensen and I’m seventeen years old. My ambition Continue Reading

Wakeboarding Contest on an Obstacle Foundation – Red Bull Wake of Steel 2013

It’s the 2nd year of Wake of Steel. We have changed some things compared to last year, mainly the set up. The construction work took some time. We have built a metal foundation. The plates have changed so it should be a little bit safer for the riders, but it’s Continue Reading

Red Bull X-Fighters Mexico City 2010 – Event highlights

The Plaza de Toros Monumental in Mexico-City, Mexico is once again the traditional start of the Red Bull X-Fighters 2010 World Tour. An electric evening started with Johan Nungaray, the mexican favorite riding so well and impressing the hole crowd. One of the greatest comeback stories in sport: Cameron Sinclair Continue Reading

Downhill enduro bike race in Spain – Red Bull Holy Bike 2014

♪ (music) ♪ La Pinilla looks like a great mountain resort. There are many trails, you know, the pine trees smell good and it’s really nice. I know Red Bull put lots of work into this project, and now it looks even better, like a real bike park. ♪ (music Continue Reading

Red Bull Circle of Balance 2012 Japan Full Recap

Red Bull Circle of Balance is the best contest in the world. The level of this event is way above the rest. Champions from around the world gather for this contest. The first round is practically the finals already. Ucchie is my teammate. The next match is going to be Continue Reading

Chris Christensen’s BMX Birthday – Red Bull Birthday Jam

We´re going to give Chris a surprise. He´s turning 16 today, and we´re giving him a BMX course. We have modified Chris´ old trails… We´ve made a new asphalt casted turn and a straight race lane, so Chris can practice his racing techniques. I think the new turn is going Continue Reading

Life Behind Bars: Rampage and Rally Racing | S1E15