SAN LORENZO ● Me dicen el matador naci en Boedo [With Lyrics]

Persona 5 Scramble – Makoto Niijima Character Introduction Trailer [ENG SUB] [CC ON]

Now, lets do this! We’ll finish this! I’m Makoto Niijima. Nice to meet you. Oh! Is this the power of the Student Council President? Just forget about that already… Is this “university” really fun? Yeah, I’m enjoying it. While travelling, you’ll easily eat a lot. We’ll need to be careful… Continue Reading


Hey rich boy, you gonna lose today. how about oil change, rust lord SHOPPING CART RACE Rogue Agent vs Rust Lord

Persona 5 Scramble – Haru Okumura Character Introduction Trailer [ENG SUB] [TURN CC ON]

I won’t hold back! This is my true power! I’m Haru Okumura I’m a college student and also assist in my company’s business. It’s nice to meet you. We aren’t murderers, we are the thieves that steal people’s hearts. Yeah, that why we’re called the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts” I Continue Reading

Persona 5 Scramble – Yusuke Kitagawa Character Introduction Trailer [ENG SUB][TURN CC ON]

This scenery.. I feel as it would make for a wonderful painting. I’m Yusuke Kitagawa. An artist trying to hone his skills in drawing. Let’s get back to the topic at hand. If we’re traveling, I say lets go to Kyoto. By observing the shrines and temples, I can sketch Continue Reading

Chinese Style Scrambled Eggs With Onions (洋葱炒蛋)

Turn on subtitles for instruction Deep-fry the onions for about 2 mins 5 eggs + 1 tsp salt add the onion and mix evenly 2 tbsp cooking oil Thank for watching!

English Short Stories For Kids | The Mouse And The Bull | Moral Stories For Toddlers | Cartoon Story

The Mouse And The Bull It was a hot day. A bull was sound asleep under a shady tree. The bull was snoring loudly. This loud noise evoked the curiosity of a small mouse passing that way. The mouse climbed up to the nose of the bull. As the bull Continue Reading

Netrebko & Villazón: Libiamo ne’ lieti calici (La Traviata/Verdi) HD Subtitles/Subtítulos

Let’s drink, let’s drink from the joyous chalices that beauty so truly enhances. And may the brief moment be inebriated with voluptuousness. Let’s drink for the ecstatic feeling that love arouses. Because this eye aims straight to the heart, omnipotently. Let’s drink, my love, and the love among the chalices Continue Reading

Javier Fernández Last Triumph – What we didn’t get to see [ENG SUB]

Being my last competition [I feel] a bit of sorrow, a bit of sorrow but, well… I’m also used to compete and I think it’s important to do a good job, try to do my best to say goodbye with the right foot. 21 years of skating… on one side Continue Reading