Funny animal argument. Squirrel vs Blue Nose Pit bull.

Every morning this same squirrel comes out to communicate with our Blue Nose Pit Bull.

Most People Would Totally Reject This Insane-Looking Cow. In India, It’s Worshipped.

The £2.5M Whiskey Drinking Bull

COMM: Meet India’s most valuable bull. This is Sultan. COMM: Weighing at over one and a half tones, almost 6ft in height and a whooping 14ft long, this murrah buffalo bull has earned its stately name. COMM: And not only is this prize winning bull worth a huge sum, he Continue Reading

Emmy Tries Bull TESTICLES For The 1st Time – Rocky Mountain Oyster Recipe & Taste Test

Greetings my beautiful lovelies. Its Emmy. Welcome back. Today, I’m gonna be cooking up some testicles. Yes, testicles — you know, reproductive organs that are located inside of a scrotum, you know hanging down below. Yes. I’m gonna be cooking those today. They’re also known as Rocky Mountain Oysters; Prairie Continue Reading

The Strangest Animals You Just May See in Africa

Here are a few of the strangest animals you’ll see in Africa! 9 – Desert Rain Frog To some people, the desert rain frog might look like a genetic mistake. But this frog is one of the many unique creatures that make their home on the African continent. Some people Continue Reading

Gato Fedorento (Smelly Cat) – The Forcado Exorcist

Shoot! Argh! Dude, how can one miss that thing? Unbelievable! Pass it! – Yeah, pass the damn ball! Your house is very pleasant. But maybe if you could paint it with eggshell color, it would be even better.. Don’t you think? Prettier than white, don’t you agree? Eggshell color. I Continue Reading