Man Shot In Spine and Left For Dead in Amazon Jungle, You Won’t Believe This Story

The Amazon River. 4,300 miles in length, running through Brazil, Columbia, and Peru. It’s the second longest river in the world – between the Nile in Egypt and the Yangtze in China. It’s a rich ecosystem, supporting life throughout the Amazon rainforest. While many animals call this place home, if Continue Reading

The Crabitat S01EP09 ‘Scramble’

Nearly there.. Keep pushing I’ll go this way Marble, you check the back Ok then Poe Hmm, not here.. You got him there Spotty, now just up and over a little bit more That’s a fresh scratch Poe, I think I found the spot Poe Poe.. Back over there Yea Continue Reading

story telling video the little fly and the bull

story telling – the little fly and the bull here is the story: There was once a little fly who thought he was very important. He felt proud of himself. One sunny morning, he flew around looking for someone to talk to. He saw a bull grazing in a field. Continue Reading

My Bf Died And I Found Out I Was Pregnant. His Parents Don’t Know It’s Not His Baby!

Hi! I’m Evelyn. I’m 18 and I’m about to become a mom, but my story isn’t gonna be about the early pregnancy, to some extent. The thing is that my ex-boyfriend has recently tragically died and now his parents are willing to help me with our baby that I’m going Continue Reading

What If You Drank 1,000 Red Bulls?!

We’ve all been there before. It’s three AM. It’s late. And you’re preparing for an exam the next morning. Attempting to cram as much last minute information into your brain as possible. The only way to stay up and not fall asleep? Red Bull! But as every minute passes, and Continue Reading

Joseph Parker – Joseph Parker | Highlights HD

Joseph Parker – Joseph Parker | Highlights HD


Dance Of Freedom By A Bull Being Tied By Chains His Whole Life

The secret of happiness is freedom and secret of freedom is courage. Life has no meaning without being free. And it is also true for other creatures. If you own any animal then it is your liability to give them enough space to live and do not abuse them by Continue Reading