Bulls For Sale in Alberta in 2016

Hello I’m Mac Creech from MC Quantock Livestock On behalf of my wife Pat and our family and crew I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to attend and participate in our big bull sale Satruday, January the 30th

Why You MUST Respect the Short Squeeze

– In trading, particularly low-priced trading, you’ll hear a lot about the late-day squeeze, the Friday squeeze, the low-float squeeze, these are all terms you might have heard, and you might be wondering, “Okay, what does this look like?” You might know the definition, but what does it actually look Continue Reading

435 Bulls For Sale in Alberta in 2016

We offer eight different bull lines. All are volume produced, available in large numbers, uniform quality and at a reasonable price. We offer an unconditional bull warranty, comprehensive performance data, free delivery, $100 bull development and a sight unseen purchase plan. 435 bulls, 75 Red Angus, 80 Black Angus, 75 Continue Reading

Shake Shack Investors Scramble as 2016 Guidance Underwhelms

Vincent Shen: So keep in mind everyone that this is the 5th quarterly earnings announcement from the company since their IPO which was last January. And just a reminder that the company priced at about $21 per share during its IPO and then its first day of trading it more Continue Reading


– My name’s Olivia Marshall and I’m gonna simplify options spreads for you, because I know they can be really confusing at first. So buying calls and puts is all about betting on where a stock will go in a certain period of time. But there are different option strategies Continue Reading

Bull Call Spread Option Strategies

Hey everyone, and welcome back to Option Alpha. This is Kirk, here again. And we’re talking about the option strategy bull call spread here. So, we’ll get right into it here as always, taking a look at the market outlook for this type of a strategy, when you would really Continue Reading

Super Baldie | Red Angus x Simmental | Bulls For Sale in Alberta in 2016

The perfect blend our Super Baldie bulls have really got their act together. We’ve harnessed the best of both breeds. Incredibly beefy and thick bulls; they pack awesome pay weight on disciplined moderate frames. They have all the convenience of Red Angus; moderate, consistent, birth weights, easy fleshing with bold Continue Reading

Super Baldie | Red Angus x Simmental | Bulls For Sale in Saskatchewan in 2016

and the first pen of super baldies we are going to look at this morning are this pen of summer two year old super baldie bulls again these are predominantly late may and June born super baldie bulls these bulls are produced right here on the home ranch out of Continue Reading

Dehorned Hereford Bulls For Sale in Alberta in 2016

Our Hereford bulls are broad deep sided bulls packed full of natural thickness on moderate frames. Trouble free? You bet! Our Herefords have been selected for years for good udders you never have to touch, because you don’t have the time and you don’t need the hassle. Use our Hereford Continue Reading

Red Angus Bulls For Sale in Alberta in 2016

Our Red Angus are developed from mainstream maternal linage. We’ve starred birth weight in the eye and backed it down. Our disciplined program has for 40 years never compromised birth weight thriftiness or vigor. We’ve bred moderate frames good cow traits easy keeping and light to moderate birth weights in Continue Reading