Trip To? – The 5 best cities to visit on Spain holiday

the five best cities to visit on Spain holiday number 5 Cordoba A city which was a significant part of the Moorish rule during the medieval ages, before that it was a major Roman city, visit the la La Mezquita mosque built during the middle ages. The place was transformed Continue Reading

Spain: Dinner Party | Ep. 10 | The Sartorialist For AOL On

Scott: When I started my blog, it was with a simple idea; travel the world searching for people whose style define who we are today. My name is Scott Schuman, and I am The Sartorialist. As a street photographer, I don’t normally find out much about my subjects. Our interactions Continue Reading

The Running Of The Bulls – Spain’s San Fermín Festival

The Running of the Bulls Festival is one of Spain’s most notorious fiestas. In Spain, it’s known as las fiestas de San Fermín, or simply sanfermines. You’ve probably even seen some rather shocking footage of tourists and Spaniards alike getting trampled or seriously injured by the bulls. But do you Continue Reading

13 Spanish Stereotypes: Fact or Fiction?

– What is it really like to live in Spain? Is it all long lunches with wine, tapas every night, late nights, siestas all day and flamenco and bullfighting on the weekends? – Keep watching and we’ll tell you which of the cliches about living in Spain are true. and Continue Reading