La Escuela Bolera de Baile y la familia Pericet

La Escuela Bolera de Baile, Bien de Interés Cultural

Ryan Runs With The Bulls In Pamplona, Spain 2013

It’s 6am, getting ready to go and run again. About to go running with the bulls. Umm, I love you mom. I love you mom. I don’t want to die. We all made it. We made it baby, we made it.

Madrid, Spain: Plaza Mayor and Bullfighting Culture

Plaza Mayor is a stately, traffic-free chunk of 17th-century Spain. Whether hanging out with old friends, enjoying a cup of coffee, or finding a treasure at the Sunday coin market, it’s an inviting place for people to gather. The square is filled with emblems of Spain’s powerful past. Bronze reliefs Continue Reading

Bullfighters | Ep. 2 | The Sartorialist For AOL On

(luminous music note) Soctt: When I started my blog, it was with a simple idea: travel the world searching for people whose style defined who we are today. My name is Scott Schuman, and I am the Sartorialist. (tango music) When you think of Spain, the most iconic image of Continue Reading

Pamplona, Spain: Running of the Bulls

We’re here in early July for the Festival of San Fermín — and that means the Running of the Bulls — one of Europe’s most exuberant festivals. For nine days each July, throngs of visitors — most dressed in the traditional white with red sashes and kerchiefs — come to Continue Reading


Hello everyone. I’m Marko. This is Alex, We’re the Vagabrothers. And right now we’re in Pamplona for San Fermin. The Running of the Bulls or La Fiesta de San Fermin is the king of all festivals. Every year people from around the world gather in Pamplona, Spain from July 7-14 Continue Reading