Florence the Ambulance and Ross the Race Car – Real City Heroes (RCH) | Videos for Children

Please move to the side of the road! I’ve got a sick patient! Hi! I’ll be right back! He’s leaking oil, let’s take him straight to surgery. Hi! Thanks for waiting. My name is Florence and I am an ambulance. I help vehicles when they are hurt or sick. Sometimes, Continue Reading

BangerSound Cyphers Vol. 24 – The Meme Cypher

BangerSound Cyphers Vol. 24 – The Meme Cypher Neru Sake Rflect Teaganbear Kfish The Litness Monster Teaganbear x Litness Monster Jackson King NTropy Beat Shaman Khanda Rflect BangerSound Cyphers Vol. 24 – The Meme Cypher

A tiny angry squeaking Frog 🐸 | Super Cute Animals – BBC

But sometimes more unexpected sounds grab our attention, squeak like this desert rain frog squeaking viral sensation. squeeeeeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak 11 million hits and counting. It sounds like a dog toy. But actually this is the Sonorous war cry of, … A very angry frog. squeak… squeak… Continue Reading

Dolphins: Even Smarter Than You Thought | Nat Geo Live

Brian Skerry: Researchers have told usan awful lot about these animalsbut there is a lot more waiting to be revealed.There lies endless potential for discoveryand maybe for enlightenment.( applause ) These are, arguably, the most intelligent animals in the ocean. And with this story I’ve worked with five different species Continue Reading