Introduction to Residential Life | University of Northampton

Hello and welcome to the University of Northampton! My name’s Rob and I am part of the Residential Life team. Today we are going to be talking about what you should be doing when you arrive to halls on your first day. So, let’s go!

Social media campaign sees semi-naked photos with horses

“Will You Slow Down For Me Now” The Social Media campaign that’s seen horse riders strip off and ride naked in the hope of attracting attention. To their cause, of course. The point of their campaign is to persuade drivers to show more consideration to horse riders on country roads. Continue Reading

Dolphins: Even Smarter Than You Thought | Nat Geo Live

Brian Skerry: Researchers have told usan awful lot about these animalsbut there is a lot more waiting to be revealed.There lies endless potential for discoveryand maybe for enlightenment.( applause ) These are, arguably, the most intelligent animals in the ocean. And with this story I’ve worked with five different species Continue Reading