Nancy Pelosi TAPE Surfaces – Aides Scrambling

Nancy Pelosi TAPE Surfaces – Aides Scrambling. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has long been heralded by Democrats and their allies in the media as some sort of master political strategist — but it looks like she’s fallen off her pedestal. The California Democrat has dominated the headlines following President Donald Continue Reading

S. Korea confirmed 16th case of coronavirus

meanwhile South Korean health authorities are scrambling to figure out the movements of the country’s 16th patient who returned from a trip to Thailand about two weeks ago ken hyung Lee reports the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed a 16th coronavirus case in South Korea on Tuesday Continue Reading

Sissi rescue pitbull & Francesco

Her name’s Sissi, I’m Francesco. I adopted her from a rescue group in Sicily, they brought her in Turin where I met her, ’cause I collaborate with them. One day they asked me to go to the veterinary clinic where she used to live, waiting for someone to adopt her. Continue Reading

Pup Found On The Side Of The Road Can’t Stop Giving Kisses | The Dodo Adoption Day

Even being in as much pain as she was in, she was all kisses. Faith was found on the side of the road. It was very clear that she was injured, she could not walk. So a good Samaritan picked her up and took her to a shelter. I said, Continue Reading

Bullied Cat’s Desperate To Eat Food Waste Even If It Could Harm Her Life | Animal in Crisis EP110

A mysterious critter shows up for sure if the light goes off.. “Shows up only at night when everyone’s gone and disappears with leaving a trace..” Gone just like a movie name ‘Gone with the Wind’.. Who on earth is the mysterious one? PD : Execuse me~ Restaurant CEO : Continue Reading

Nanny Dog Babysits Hyena, Cheetahs & Baboons | Oddest Animal Friendships | Love Nature

Nanna is almost five times the size of Nati. But she still behaves like it’s her baby and Nanna is also very affectionate. And as they grow up she also knows that they can hurt her. So she is still the dominant one. She lifts a little lip up and Continue Reading

Renee Zellweger’s Golden Globes Accent Explained

After taking an extended break from the spotlight, actor Renée Zellweger rejoined the award show circuit at the 77th Golden Globe Awards on January 5th, 2020. The Bridget Jones’s Diary star didn’t disappoint, strutting down the red carpet looking better than ever in a baby blue Giorgio Armani gown and Continue Reading

보지 말아야 할 것을 본 강아지 다롱이.. l Dog Has PTSD After He Saw Something He Shouldn’t Have

Upon reaching out Our Darong convulses What a poor dog.. Let’s eat this, Darong, come here! Upon reaching out her hand to her Awww, uhhh Having seizures again.. Our Darong was born in our home and has lived with us so far We’ve been living together for 13 years She Continue Reading