Mount Whymper trip in East Kootenay British Columbia Canadian Rockies scramble Closed Captions

I can’t believe, some clouds moved in already so quick in just two minutes, it’s covering the right side that was Mount Whymper, now Storm mountain Stanley glacier trail by my trip from a months ago Mount Stanley Vermillion peak , Mount Haffner huh and the clouds are now even Continue Reading

Epic Simulation Golf Scramble | Pt. 1

well you’re a basic little white girl yeah I’m a little smarter than you buddy buddy I think ow what are you out of today where I’m at well welcome back to the steaming quesadilla Channel we are out here at the little course see a nice little little course Continue Reading

Hai Chị Em Tranh Giành Xúc Xích Lề Đường – Táo Xanh TV

Give me Not mine Give me! not mine Hat Tieu Give me I’m hungry Dad, please go and buy food chains Dad is still working Not, I’m hungry! then you and I would ask Dad! Dad! Dad! What’s up? You’re tired, don’t let me give you a massage Do you Continue Reading

Persona 5 Scramble Preview | Nintendo Switch, PS4

For long time viewers of the channel, you know I love Persona. I imported Persona 5 from Japan and covered it in a review before it even came to the West. That brings me to Persona 5 Scramble, the new spin-off Persona 5 game although it’s not a spin-off at Continue Reading

How to make Perfect eggs hard boiled, Over Easy, and Scrambled.

since the dawn of time eggs / on the menu dinosaurs ate eggs and early man did as well hunter-gatherers found eggs from birds and reptiles and ate them as a source of protein and energy on your personal chef like Moses and today i’ll show you how to prepare Continue Reading

Coronavirus death toll tops 130; countries scramble to minimize damage

We begin this morning with our ongoing coverage of the coronavirus outbreak. The virus is spreading quickly and the world is on edge. Our Kim Jae-hee is on the line with the latest. Jae-hee, please fill us in. Right. So the new type of coronavirus that first appeared in Wuhan Continue Reading

Shibuya Crossing – Tokyo – 渋谷スクランブル交差点 – 4K Ultra HD

One of Tokyo’s most famous locations, Shibuya Crossing is located in front of Shibuya Station and a few step away from Hachiko Shibuya Crossing has been made famous not only by its atypical crossing but also by its giants TV Screens and youth fashion stores Compared by many to New Continue Reading