Warning: FATAL COOLING BETWEEN AN ANTHOR AND A SCORPION. THIS VIDEO CONTAINS IMAGES THAT CAN HURT SENSITIVITY OF SOME PEOPLE. IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE, PLEASE DO NOT SEE THIS VIDEO. The video title is not a mistake is not a exaggeration. This scorpion is about to find out how far Continue Reading

Crossout – Funny Moments (1)

The 4 Animal Combat Styles

Are you having trouble choosing your character for your next playthrough of Outside? I don’t blame you considering there’s literally millions upon millions to choose from So in this video instead of showcasing a specific class and all of its permutations Like I usually do I’m going to talk about Continue Reading

Most DANGEROUS Animals In Africa!

What scavenger can actually chase you down at speeds of more than 35 miles per hour? Which snakes are the most treacherous in all of Africa? Find out as we look at the Most Dangerous Animals In Africa. #13 Rock Python Among the top six largest snakes in the world Continue Reading

Night of the Deadly Creatures

– Wooo, look at that. – [Mark] Whoah man, that is a long snake. – [Coyote] Now this is a nocturnal and an arboreal species, which means that they’re out in the trees at night hunting for their prey. Now they (vinyl record scratching) Oh man. – Oh jeez. (tropical Continue Reading