A Bear Skull

While preparing for a full day of filming, The Brain Scoop team was paid a surprise visit by a university groundskeeper who had discovered a black bear skull in the woods. It is so old! – Yeah, that’s what I was saying: it was the oldest one he’d seen. And Continue Reading

Iconic: White Rhino

Bull came to Toronto in 1974 and lived at the Toronto Zoo was due for thirty four years until 2008. At that time the senior veterinarian at the Zoo called and said that he was a ailing and they were going to euthanize the animal and would we have any Continue Reading

Recommended Reading

Hey. We’re gonna talk about some books that I read. I get a lot of questions about, “Hey, Emily, what are you reading right now?” and “How do you know all of this?” and “Oh my god, you’re really smart.” And thank you very much, but I, uh, obviously didn’t Continue Reading

Why Don’t Humans Have a Penis Bone?

There are 206 bones in the human body, and yes, it’s the same for men and women. No, women don’t have fewer ribs than men, and men don’t have one extra bone, if you know what I mean. You know what I mean. But several mammals, including our close relatives Continue Reading

Pod Of Orcas Take Down Minke Whale

COMM: Off the coast of eastern Russia, an excursion of scientists and tourists, led by photographer Mikhail Korostelev, witnessed a rare sight – a group of transient orcas hunting a minke whale. There are two types of orcas, residents who live in one place all year round and eat fish, Continue Reading

Nature Buzz – Bison!

Hello and welcome to Nature Buzz where we are digging into nature! Today I’m here in Yellowstone National Park to learn about a humongous mammal, the bison! You may know this animal as a Buffalo but it’s actually an American Bison. Bison are a type of ungulate which means they Continue Reading

A Contagious Cockatiel | Dr. T, Lone Star Vet

[music playing] BRUCE NIXON: You have a bird named Phenyx? DR. T: Yeah, it’s over there. NARRATOR: Dr. Nixon is making his rounds and checking in on referrals from the emergency room. DR. T: That’s Turner’s case. BRUCE NIXON: That’s OK. We’re all in the family. [laughs] DR. T: We Continue Reading

How to scramble an egg INSIDE its shell | Do Try This At Home | We The Curious

There are literally hundreds of ways to cook one of these. And today we’re going to show you how to scramble an egg inside its shell, using some physics and a tennis ball. To make your egg-scrambler you’ll need a tennis ball, shoe laces, tape, elastic bands, and a sharp Continue Reading

Why Choose Goats as Livestock? (Hall 6/6)

Goats alongside cattle seem to be quite an unusual kind of addition to Jesse’s system but allow Jesse to show you how they work for him. So here’s the nice thing about goats is if they get out if you’re giving them a little bit of a treat like a Continue Reading