Corrida toro incorna tre toreri Bull gores man – Story with subtitles Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher

Hear this: suspended bullfighting in Madrid, the bull, I’m sorry for them, perhaps not so much, gored three bullfighters. The bull wins… Unexpected. Paradoxical, far-fetched and exceptionally rare. Almost impossible, probably bogus. These are the stories where ‘the others’ win. Those who in the tale told by the peaks of Continue Reading

Bullfights – A conversation with a bullfight fan // The Reddish Owl

Oh yeah sweetie, first video in Portuguese It had to happen one day, but for today’s topic it couldn’t be any other way Bullfights A lot has been written and said already, both by bullfight fans and by protesters and so I thought, and what about doing here a conversation Continue Reading