CWFH – Championship Wrestling presented by West Coast Pro Wrestling – Airdate 02/15/20

Dance around the USA & Canada

Airport of Montreal, Quebec, Canada Everglades national park, Florida, USA Coronado Island, San Diego, California, USA Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA Hollywood, California, USA Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA Lake Powell, Arizona/Utah, USA Arch national park, Utah, USA Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA Badwater Basin, Death Valley, California/Nevada, USA Golden Continue Reading

Behind-The-Scenes of the WCC Baseball Tournament

Banner Island Ballpark. That is the site of the very first ever WCC baseball tournament. Rich Hill “It’s great to see us evolve as a conference and and have this tournament.” Nino Giarratano: “And the excitement really takes off for the conference and it leads to us getting two or Continue Reading

Sperm Whales Clicking You Inside Out — James Nestor at The Interval

A sperm whale can click at about 236 decibels. It’s the loudest animal on the planet. Sperm whales can hear each other in the ocean from hundreds even thousands of miles away. Some researchers believe that they’re able to keep in contact with one another through these clicks on other Continue Reading

Mujer latina y homosexual dirige la Sinfónica Cívica de San Francisco | Noticias Telemundo

al vaivén de la batuta los músicos de la sinfónica cívica de san francisco siguen la dirección de jessica bejarano cuando la gente me miran me dicen que quieren lo para eso que soy directora de orquestras y jessica se sale del molde además de ser latina y con sus Continue Reading