Pamplona Attack: Watch as bull gores three runners

The ‘brave souls’ that enjoy running with bulls were looking forward to the last run of the 2014 San Fermin Festival in Pamplona in northern Spain when this happened. This bull had broken away and he weighed in at almost 600 kilos. Scary. He gored two Australians and then one Continue Reading

Pamplona bull accidents: Two gored as festival enters third day

The world famous bull run in Pamplona entered its third day today. The event sees hundreds of runners being chased by a pack of around a dozen bulls through the tight, winding streets of Pamplona, but all wasn’t well today as two men were gored. One, an American, and the Continue Reading

How to Participate in the Running of the Bulls

How to Participate in the Running of the Bulls. If you’re heading to Pamplona, Spain to take part in the running of the bulls, bone up on these racing tips. You will need Bravery Sobriety Alertness Comfortable clothes Running shoes and common sense. Participating in the running of the bulls Continue Reading