ENDLICH! Gelcoat-Arbeiten und dann die restaurierten Fenster einsetzen! (Fenster Refit Teil 4)

Hello and welcome to the fourth and last video of my portlight refit series! In the last video I made the cut-out for the portlight smaller and prepared everything for the upcoming gelcoat works. Finally the new gelcoat from Spain arrived. So today I will be doing the gelcoat. It’s Continue Reading

BORA #43 – BATIZANDO O BORA! A Corrida Maluca de Grenada (English/Spanish CC)

Good morning, Bora! Bora? Have you woken up yet? Are you already awake or not? Well, we’re here in Grenada. getting used to the routine It’s a super cool place. enough choice It’s the last weekend before school vacations are over. and we have a lot of work to do Continue Reading

Extreme Foil Racing in Japan – Red Bull Foiling Generation 2015

That was awesome. It was fun! I’m excited because we had a great run. The world final will be a top-level contest so we will have to train harder and stay focused on each event to be able to become number one at the world final

Dragon Boat racing in Hong Kong – Red Bull Dragon Roar 2014

The Dragon Boat Festival started around 200 B.C. The Chu kingdom’s loyal minister, Qu Yuan, drowned himself in the river. The act of people racing in boats to search for his body in the river later became the tradition of dragon boat races. This year’s Dragon Roar is different from Continue Reading

Open Ocean Foil Racing in Denmark – Red Bull Foiling Generation

When you reach the 35 knots, you are afraid what is going to happen next. It’s like being on a flying carpet.

Graco Merkur 45:1 and XTR 5 Airless Spray Gun Maintenance and Rebuild

so much more simpler than the mysterious that’s a neat design there it goes yeah that’s gonna let come off oh cool well I’ll tell you this puncture disassemble is easy now our smaller prompt as a Mercker it’s still a great coat but it just goes under a different Continue Reading

7 Days in Slovenia

(relaxing guitar music) – Yo, so, I’m Ross from Matador. I’m here with Jure from Adventure Slovenia. This is a good friend of mine for six years, who’s always pissed that I’ve never been to his country, and now, it’s time to change that. – [Ross] We went to Lake Continue Reading