Desperate Search For Cruise Passengers After American Tests Positive For Corona | NBC Nightly News

GoLeyGo 2.0 by Kerbl / Führleine Hund

connects in seconds can be unlocked under load super easy to connect magnet connects automatically

S. Korea to strengthen rules on some dog breeds for public safety

with a rising number of people adopting dogs in the country the South Korean government says it plans to strengthen related regulations to provide a better safe living environment for its people and their furry friends our kim jae hee hehheh details issues related to animals like dog bites are Continue Reading

2017 Middle Division Bike Rodeo

This is our annual Bike Rodeo. Yeah! Love riding bikes!This year, we actually come up to the Middle School. Now, here’s a bunch more numbers. We follow Derry Township ordinance and we register every bike.Riding a bike is great for kids. It’s the first vehicle they take care of.… to Continue Reading

Survivor Stories, Episode 1: Bull attack

To this day when I come to that spot I always think of that day. My father was a very… outgoing active man, he loved… He loved people. He loved meeting with people he loved working with people he was always very involved in local issues, in community issues in Continue Reading

2013 U-Haul Safe-Trailering Rodeo — National Student Safety Program

I liked the backing up of the trailer, it was pretty fun. I was the one driving and it was pretty hard. It was pretty fun. The loading took a lot of strategy and I really liked the challenge of meeting the requirements while having to fulfill the main goal. Continue Reading

Professional Rodeo Clown Helps Save Lives In and Out of Arenas

[Perry, GA – John Holcomb, Reporting] Meet Trent McFarland. Trent is a professional rodeo clown that’s getting ready by putting on his signature make up. It’s second nature these days for Trent especially since he has been putting it on since he was thirteen when his father first asked him Continue Reading

CSUN Marilyn Magaram Center: Matador Marmalade

♪♪ (Music Plays Throughout) ♪♪

CSUN Marilyn Magaram Center: Spicy Matador

♪♪ (Music Plays Throughout) ♪♪

Bison Goring in Yellowstone

[Laughter] Visitor 1: “Don’t run, just walk.” [Incomprehensible conversation] Visitor 2: “How you doin’?” Visitor 3: “How you doin’? Getting’ mad.” [Visitors scream] Visitor 4: “Oh No.” Visitor 1: “Jim, stay here. Jim…” Bus Driver: “Get up in the tree. Get up in the tree. Come here. Come here.” Visitor Continue Reading