South Korea and Japan scramble jets to intercept Russian bombers.

Welcome back fellow newshounds. I’m Gruffdkins and here I try to bring you some of the news you may not see on your standard news networks. Today. North Korea issues more threats. This time to the United Kingdom. And South Korea and Japan scramble jets to intercept Russian bombers. Over Continue Reading

Can you cook eggs on the barrel of an AK-47? Scrambled AK

i’m going to get the first magazine loaded there we go perfect thats the perfect amount ok mmm oh looks so yummy ah yeah i do love me some eggs thats pure protein right there protein and cholesterol mmm look at that morsel oh yeah the foil tears right off Continue Reading

S. Korea, Japan scramble fighter jets after 2 Russian bombers fly over East Sea

South Korea and Japan scrambled fighter jets last night after two Russian strategic bombers flew over the waters in the East Sea. Russia’s defense ministry said on Wednesday that the two long-range missile bombers flew over what it cited as the “Sea of Japan” and the Yellow Sea for over Continue Reading

Creating the ultimate wakeboarding park – Red Bull Highland Wake

There are places somewhere far away where things don’t change as time goes on. The last time I was at the lake in Kazakhstan was during my childhood. Back then, I knew nothing about wakeboarding, but now my memories about the lake were driving me to come back and do Continue Reading – collect new words (free app on google play)

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Hiking and Camping in Kazakhstan. July 2016

Hey guys, my friends and i decided to get together and go on a hike! One of the friends… ugh… One of my friends who’s going with me, or rather I am going with him, is my good friend Dima. Dmitry is a doctor. Please let them know where we Continue Reading

Man Vs. Bull With Johnny Knoxville

what are you guys exactly doing with the Bulls today we got a pair of seals and we want to top in the bullring with this lease the beasts um bloom this looks like such a bad idea ha ha ha three two whoa