Ryan Runs With The Bulls In Pamplona, Spain 2013

It’s 6am, getting ready to go and run again. About to go running with the bulls. Umm, I love you mom. I love you mom. I don’t want to die. We all made it. We made it baby, we made it.

Pamplona Attack: Watch as bull gores three runners

The ‘brave souls’ that enjoy running with bulls were looking forward to the last run of the 2014 San Fermin Festival in Pamplona in northern Spain when this happened. This bull had broken away and he weighed in at almost 600 kilos. Scary. He gored two Australians and then one Continue Reading

American gored during running of the bulls said it felt like being ‘hit by a truck’

 An American lawyer gored in the neck during the famous running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain on Sunday said he felt like he was “hit by a car or a truck” the moment he was struck by a 1,000 pound bull  Jamie Alvarez, a San Francisco resident who works Continue Reading

1 gored, multiple injured in race with bulls at Pamplona festival

 PAMPLONA, Spain — A man was gored and five other people injured in the sixth bull run of the 2019 San Fermin festival Friday, officials in the northern Spanish city of Pamplona said  Regional hospital spokesman Tomás Belzunegui said the man was gored in his left leg early in the Continue Reading

The Running Of The Bulls – Spain’s San Fermín Festival

The Running of the Bulls Festival is one of Spain’s most notorious fiestas. In Spain, it’s known as las fiestas de San Fermín, or simply sanfermines. You’ve probably even seen some rather shocking footage of tourists and Spaniards alike getting trampled or seriously injured by the bulls. But do you Continue Reading

2 gored in Spain’s running of the bulls festival

 PAMPLONA, Spain — Spanish officials say the opening bull run of this year’s San Fermin festival in the northern city of Pamplona has left at least five people injured, including two who were gored by bulls  Red Cross spokesman José Aldaba says the most seriously injured were treated Sunday at Continue Reading

2 Americans among those gored in Spain’s running of the bulls

Two Americans were brutally injured after getting gored during the opening of Spain’s wild running of the bulls festival — with seven more days to go. The US citizens were among three people gored Sunday during the opening run in this year’s San Fermin festival in Pamplona, where bulls tear Continue Reading

Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls

We’re here in early July for the Festival of San Fermín and that means the Running of the Bulls one of Europe’s most exuberant festivals. For nine days each July, throngs of visitors most dressed in the traditional white with red sashes and kerchiefs come to run with the bulls Continue Reading

Watch what really happens after the Running of the Bulls

So, every year Pamplona, in Spain, celebrates the running of the bulls. Bulls run through crowded streets as spectacularly dumb men run in front of them and try not to get gored. I’m told this makes you feel alive, I find that continuing to be alive is better at that. Continue Reading

Pamplona bull accidents: Two gored as festival enters third day

The world famous bull run in Pamplona entered its third day today. The event sees hundreds of runners being chased by a pack of around a dozen bulls through the tight, winding streets of Pamplona, but all wasn’t well today as two men were gored. One, an American, and the Continue Reading