Crossout Show: Bare Bones Tusk

in this episode bare bones tusks wall attack interceptor hot potato the tusks cabin is fun that of a car not readily available for every driver out there so toady 13 built a bare-bones version of the ride the most expensive parts here are just jet boosters and some spikes Continue Reading

Crossout Show: Tight Budget

In this episode: Doomhog I have the high ground Tight budget Vicious cycle All players of Crossout know that Tusk cabin is a powerful weapon in the hands of a capable driver. Lightning-fast ram attacks using rocket boosters can destroy even the toughest vehicles in a single hit. However, not Continue Reading

MIT Robotic Cheetah

The general goal of our lab is to understand the locomotion aspect of animals. Recently we are focusing on quadrupeds, or four-legged animals and we try to understand how they efficiently run in the field and nature so that we can take that inspiration and then use it in our Continue Reading

People Work Directly with Robots Building Volkswagen Transmissions

With more than a hundred and twenty years of history Škoda Auto is one of the oldest car companies in the world. As part of the Volkswagen group, they have an international production footprint and sell their vehicles across the globe. The Škoda factory located, in Vrchlabí Czech Republic, has Continue Reading