Syrian Army Slits Man’s Throat, Waves Hizballah Flags [Warning: Extremely Graphic]

(Cameraman): June 14, 2012. A massacre in the city of Hamoureh. They’re killing everyone. God is great! God is great! (Background voice): They’re slaughtering us! (Cameraman): The world must look at this. The world must see. It’s a slaughter. A slaughter! (Background voice): –Iranians and Hizballah! (Cameraman): God is great! Continue Reading

Hama, a wound yet to heal

Hama, a wound yet to heal 1982, One of the most heinous massacres in history was committed at the hands of the slaughterers Hafez & Refaat Assad A whole city was brought down to the ground Houses were flattened over the heads of inhabitants 40,000 killed. Women, men, elders and Continue Reading

Death in The Afternoon – Full Interview with Linus – Anti bullfighting

Ever since I read the book death in the afternoon by Hemingway I’ve had a strong longing on portraying this phenomenon I saw my first bullfighting in Mexico and its crazy I mean the ecstasy the people take on, it’s really humanity in its worst shape You know, people eating Continue Reading

Matador Gets Gored

israel launcher visa status bullfighter and uh… as the bull fighters to uh… they’ve up with the bulls and they do a lot on the line and they stabbed more over the place in the bulldogs play and eighteen developments uh… well then everybody does that do you know move Continue Reading