Lion Hunt Warthog ( Sadly end ) Crazy


Lion Eats Buffalo Alive ( Insane pain )

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5 Animals That Could Defeat A Rhino

5 Animals That Could Defeat A Rhino Rhinos actually have no natural predators (except for humans of course) due to their power, tough hide, horns, and aggression when provoked. But we’re talking about all the animals in the world so let’s go through the list. 1.Lions Yes, lions can kill Continue Reading

Iconic: White Rhino

Bull came to Toronto in 1974 and lived at the Toronto Zoo was due for thirty four years until 2008. At that time the senior veterinarian at the Zoo called and said that he was a ailing and they were going to euthanize the animal and would we have any Continue Reading

Elephant battles with Rhino – animals, funny,wild animals,animals attack,

Elephant battles with Rhino – animals, funny,wild animals,animals attack, rhino,elephant attack,elephant kill,rhino attack,rhino vs,hunting,attack,vs he two animals charge at one another, and it’s over before it’s begun.

When Rhinos Attack

Number 6 Chantal Beyer Chantal Beyer, a student from Johannesburg, was left clinging to life in what was one of the most gruesome rhino attacks in recent years. The woman and her boyfriend were at a South African animal park which advertised on its website that visitors could see rhinos Continue Reading

White Rhino Vs Black Rhino In Rare Face-Off

COMM: While on an evening game drive looking for a pride of lions, senior field guide Wayne Haworth came across a black rhino and a white rhino sizing each other up, most likely in a dispute over territory. COMM: It’s unusual to see the two together as they have different Continue Reading

👉 6 Minutes of Animals vs Cars Trucks Boats, Including Lions Bears Elephants Goats

Knock it over Was it Nissan Holy cow, Cindy Oh my gosh, I didn’t know they could do that – that is ridiculous Is strongest at the weakest point the door Best basis flexing Once it realizes it’s too difficult to get in the polar bear moves off We’re not Continue Reading

hippo, vs, rhino,

wildlife, wild animal, hippo vs rhino, hippo attack, mother hippo vs rhino, hippo protect baby

Most DANGEROUS Animals In Africa!

What scavenger can actually chase you down at speeds of more than 35 miles per hour? Which snakes are the most treacherous in all of Africa? Find out as we look at the Most Dangerous Animals In Africa. #13 Rock Python Among the top six largest snakes in the world Continue Reading