What’s inside a Lokai Bracelet?

(intense dramatic music) – Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln and this is Dan and today we’re gonna cut open a Lokai Bracelet. – Many of you probably had the same response that I had when I saw this request. We got this request many times from our different Continue Reading

Ozzy Man Reviews: Animals Helping Each Other

Welcome to animals helping each other out of bloody dodgy situations. This leopard is munching on an antelope when suddenly it runs off because of the baboons. The’re like “Leave Jill alone, she’s a fucken top sheila you dickhead”. Jill is understandably having a panic attack after almost becoming a Continue Reading

La vie de Karl Roßmann – Ft Golgy

WARNING This video features a German Air Force uniform with insignia from the 3rd Reich. Nevertheless, these insignia have not been censored by historical fidelity. No policy will be tolerated in the comments, this one being proscribed in my videos. In addition, the BLACK uniform you are going to see Continue Reading

Unpacking and quick overview rifle EDgun Matador 0.22 PCP/ Распаковка ЭДган Матадор

Enhanced multiply charged the rifle model “Matador”, will allow to save time on reloading, to improve the accuracy and to get real pleasure from firing. The kit includes two magazines with 10 bullets each, and their width and two retaining bands, allow you to use different bullets. Thanks to the Continue Reading