Family Credits Pit Bull for Saving Boy’s Life From Snake

this puppy is being hailed a hero Zeus an 8 month old pitbull lost his life after coming between a poisonous snake and two boys Georgina Richardson says her kids were playing in the backyard of their home in Sumter County Florida when the coral snake made its appearance Zeus Continue Reading

Rescue of a giant dog who didn’t know how to ask for help

Une volontaire avait repéré un chien qu’elle ne pouvait pas oublier une volontaire avait repéré un chien qu’elle ne pouvait pas oublier Nous y sommes retournés 48 heures plus tard, dans l’espoir de le retrouver Nous y sommes retournés 48 heures plus tard, dans l’espoir de le retrouver [musique] et Continue Reading

A baby is rescued from rubble in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo

This unbelievable footage was captured by Syrian rescue workers and shows a baby, said to be no more than two months old, being rescued from rubble in the war-torn city of Aleppo. The remarkable video shows the baby crying as her whole body, completely covered in dust, is extracted from Continue Reading

Lexy the Elderbull Celebrates Being Cancer-Free with a Huge Dog Party | The Dodo Party Animals

Lexy didn’t have a single person look at her. So I felt I needed to. She’d been exceptionally overbred. While it wasn’t a health issue, I think it deterred a lot of people from adopting her. A lot of the times, dogs in shelters, you need to spend some time Continue Reading

Neglected Pony Hooves Were So Long He Couldn’t Walk | The Dodo: Comeback Kids S01E03

– We were called by the animal welfare authorities. There was a pony locked up for a long time, and he needed us to take him and to care for him, because he was really, really heavily mistreated. It was just horrible. We are a horses and farm animal sanctuary. Continue Reading

Frozen Kitten Brought Back To Life by Family UPDATE | The Dodo Comeback Kids S02E04

It was Thanksgiving Day, and all the kids were outside playing, and, “There’s a dead cat over here.” – God. – Is it alive? – I don’t know. I don’t know. – He’s a goner? – No, he’s alive. – He’s alive! – Oh! – Dad, can we keep it? Continue Reading

Husky Dog Adopts Stray Cat Saving Her Life | The Dodo: Comeback Kids S01E02

Rosie entered our lives two years ago. She was starving. She didn’t have a mom. And she was about two weeks old. My sisters and I, we’ve been rescuing cats our entire lives. We’re headed to Sausalito, California to go kayaking. We try to take the pack everywhere we go. Continue Reading

Dog Found in Trash Bag Finds The PERFECT Family | The Dodo: Comeback Kids S01E01

[MUSIC] Flip you over. Okay. Good stretch. Come on. We first saw Chi Chi’s story on a Facebook video. And I remember when Elizabeth’s watching this. And she yelled from across the room, “You need to come watch this video. This is gonna be our next dog.” The video is Continue Reading

Owner Take Action Immediately To Rescue His Pit Bull From Dog Snatcher, Then Posts The Video Online

What if I say that a picture can save a life? Seems strange. This event took place in New Mexico where the High Plains Humane Society visited an animal shelter home and took a picture of a dog looking outside sadly. The picture was shared on Facebook and got viral Continue Reading

More Than 100 Animals Rescued from Arkansas Puppy Mill

This is the worst room and this is pretty rough in here Look at this dog! This dog has become one with the cage! I am very concerned about this dog I mean he is just matted through to the cage This is obviously a combination of urine feces, mud, Continue Reading