Rescued Goats Form SWEETEST Family | The Dodo: Comeback Kids S01E04

(goats bleating) (upbeat music) – Puget Sound Goat Rescue is the last hope for goats. We rescue around 200 goats each year. I founded the rescue in 2002. I was a corporate sales rep for 24 years. Someone gave me two goats that were left tied to a post. And Continue Reading

Obese Dog Throws HUGE PARTY for Reaching Weight Loss Goals | The Dodo Party Animals

When I first got Lu-Seal she was so fat that she could barely walk. She weighed 16 pounds. And they essentially told me she had to lose half her body weight in order to be a healthy dog. But she’s still smiling. She just grinned back at me the entire Continue Reading

Scribble Scramble | Doc McStuffins Baby | Disney Junior

[lullaby music][Doc] Scribble Scramble![babies cooing] -Oh! Oof! -I hear some happy baby dolls in there. -How was story time? -It was a hit! I even used my coloring book and crayons. They loved the colors! Oops! Looks like one got left out of the box. Are you sure you put Continue Reading

Rescued Tiger Celebrates 21st Birthday With Loved Ones | The Dodo Party Animals

[SINGING] Happy birthday to you… [SINGING] Happy birthday dear Zeus, happy birthday to you. [APPLAUSE] Today is Zeus’ 21st birthday. In the wild, tigers usually only live to be ten or 12. And at most other facilities, that’s what we see as well. A ten-year-old tiger is roughly a 60-year-old Continue Reading

LUKA BABY TAKES BATH FOR SHEEP 💟 Animal Rescue Cartoons For Kids

The Lost Sheep Mom and Dad take Luka and Elsa to grandparents’ farm A pile of straw appears and runs around the yard. Luka and the grandfather try to catch the straw. The straw stops in front of Elsa. It’s a lovely sheep Grandpa prepares a swimming pool for Luka Continue Reading

Three-year-old boy stuck in a washing machine is cut free by firefighters in China

A young boy in eastern China had to be rescued after he found himself stuck in a washing machine. Firefighters had to cut the 3-year-old free by opening up the back of the appliance using hydraulic sheers. They managed to remove the drum intact with the boy still inside and Continue Reading

Red Devils parachute rescue caught on camera

This is the moment a dramatic rescue got underway after a Red Devils parachute failed to open in mid air. The parachutist had a lucky escape after a teammate came to his aid during a display at the Whitehaven Air Show in Cumbria. One of the men grabbed his colleagues’s Continue Reading

Blind Dog Gets BEST Rescue Party Ever | The Dodo Party Animals

[BARKING] [CROWD CLAPPING] -Surprise! – The special one. – Saying oh, no. – It’s been two years since we got Mack. It’s definitely worth celebrating. We are in Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in Mount Juliet. We take in senior dogs only, ten and up. When they get here, it’s Continue Reading

Dramatic rescue: Boy saved from rip current by RNLI lifeguard

A dramatic sea rescue – caught on camera in Cornwall. The moment an RNLI lifeguard saved a drowning boy from a dangerous rip current off Crooklets beach in Bude. Yeah, I’m coming buddy. I’m coming mate. The bodyboarder’s screams for help were picked up by the lifeguard’s head-mounted GoPro as Continue Reading