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Hi Today I want to tell the story of a dog that is special to me. You’ll see why soon. Charlie is a beautiful and beloved American Stafford. The cutest creature you can ever imagine! He was abandoned in an empty house about 3 years ago … in an abandoned Continue Reading

Rescue An Abandoned Dog With A Big Tumor | Amazing Transformation Of Starving Dog

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Pittie Rescue Gives the best Surprise this Christmas!

Little Puppy Tranforms with Foster Family ‘s Help – Love can Heals All Wounds

Welcome back to Funky Smile and Story today is about a Stray Puppy With No Hair Transforms After Receiving Foster Mom’s Love. Nobody knows how Pixie Princess ended up wandering alone in a Georgia neighborhood, but one thing was clear the tiny puppy needed help. The poor thing was in Continue Reading

Bald pit bull found on the street starts to CRY when rescuer touch her skin

When you looked into Oliver’s eyes, all you could see was one thing: The longing to give up. His skin was in terrible condition and he had lost almost all of his fur. Across his body there were deep scores and scratches – that’s what happens when you have insatiable Continue Reading

Transformation: 3 Dogs Rescued from Extreme Neglect

(Voice of Pasado’s Safe Haven Investigations & Rescue Director) We got a call from a citizen in Mason County involving a situation where they’d been calling law enforcement for over a year and they weren’t getting response so we got involved to ensure that law enforcement would respond to this Continue Reading

Lonely Shelter Dog Tucked Himself In Every Night Waiting For His Forever Home

Welcome back to Funky Smile, and story today is about a Senior Shelter Dog Tucked Himself In Every Night Waiting For A Family Scooter is a Chihuahua who was accustomed to living in a lovely home. Unfortunately, the dog’s owner passed away and he was left to fend for himself. Continue Reading

Rescued Dog Sees New Home for the First Time | PETA Animal Rescues

Heather: We first found Cora when she was probably about six months old. She was chained in someone’s backyard They had four pit bulls and Cora chained without food or water. And my coworker Holly actually discovered that even though she had a collar around her neck they had actually Continue Reading