Letting a Homeless Dog Pick His First Meal!

– This is Bosco, and Bosco is a homeless dog, but today I’m gonna let him pick out any of the ingredients that he wants, and I’m gonna give him his first home cooked meal. That’s a good boy, you’re a good boy! Okay, here’s how it’s gonna work. I’m Continue Reading

How Humans Have Forced Animals To Evolve

How Humans Have Forced Animals To Evolve Whether you believe in it or not, there’s no doubt that humans themselves have had a hand in evolution over the years. Whether it be because of our hunting, or because we want cuter pets, we have a tendency to twist and create Continue Reading

Lexy the Elderbull Celebrates Being Cancer-Free with a Huge Dog Party | The Dodo Party Animals

Lexy didn’t have a single person look at her. So I felt I needed to. She’d been exceptionally overbred. While it wasn’t a health issue, I think it deterred a lot of people from adopting her. A lot of the times, dogs in shelters, you need to spend some time Continue Reading

Feral Dog Has Never Wagged His Tail Before | The Dodo Faith = Restored

The thing about Homer hiding right now, is that’s OK. Hiding gives him a little comfort. It will be a long journey, but if [he comes] along with me, I want to foster. Homer was found wandering with a leash tied around him so tight. They believe he had been Continue Reading

Pit Bull Starved on Heavy Chain Rescued by Pit Crew! Rescuing Rogue – Hope For Dogs | My DoDo

Okay, so we need the call from the tree trimmer in this area reporting that there was some three dogs in in poor One severely emaciated the other two sort of skinny one with an injured eye So we did come out here we tried to make contact with a Continue Reading