What Should We Do With Catholic Priests Only ACCUSED of Abuse?

What do you do with Catholic priests who have been accused of sexual abuse, but have not been convicted of a crime? There was an article on Slate about a month ago, by Ruth Graham, about the disgraced former Catholic Archbishop Theodore McCarrick. This guy was credibly accused of sexual Continue Reading

Arson attack on church where Jesus fed 5,000

A fire has gutted part of the church where Christians believe Jesus performed the miracle of feeding the 5,000. The Israeli Fire Brigade has ruled this arson – following the results of a preliminary investigation that showed the fire broke out in several places inside the church. An eyewitness describes Continue Reading

What is the St. Catherine of Siena Society?

Hi. My name is Ralph Martin, President of Renewal Ministries, and I want to tell you I’m grateful for your interest in what we’re doing, and I’m especially grateful for how you’ve been supporting us all these years. And one of the things that’s been a tremendous blessing over the Continue Reading

Interview with Father Kyle Manno

Welcome to This Works Marketing, where three decades of proven experience has launched products, built brands, and generated profits. These are the stories behind the businesses that have been built. Ken: We’re in, we’re in St. Charles. Father Manno: St. Charles, Illinois. Ken: OK. An hour outside of Chicago. Father Continue Reading

Pope Francis to allow priests the discretion to forgive abortions

Until now, women who had abortions were automatically excommunicated from the Catholic Church. But, during the upcoming Holy Year Pope Francis will give all priests – not just the high-ranking clergy – the discretion to formally forgive women who have had abortions. In a letter published by the Vatican, Pope Continue Reading

Does Giving Animals More Rights Improve the Quality of Human Life?

Yeah I think animal rights is the next wave after the same sex marriage. We just got done with that. And that’ll be pretty much over in terms of social attitudes within a few years to a decade. No one will even talk about it anymore. What’s next? Animal rights Continue Reading