Funny Animal Sex Facts!

Hi! Welcome or welcome back to my channel my name is Ilja and today we’re going to discuss some funny biological sex facts So the reason why I’m making this video is actually because last semester I had a class on biology, and like while I was reading my textbook Continue Reading

English Bull Dog and Yorkie

Rojo – Canon 7D Short film (Comedie) – Wicked musical Corrida – 2012

yeehaa we re coming for ya motherfucker go go get him those guys they re some wankers don t whine they peed on me

Welcome to the Red Raider Family | Red Raider Orientation | Texas Tech Transition & Engagement

STUDENT: I am a Red Raider. STUDENT: I am a Red Raider. STUDENT: I am a Red Raider. STUDENT: I am a Red Raider. STUDENT: We are Red Raiders. STUDENT: We are Red Raiders. STUDENT: We are Red Raiders. PROFESSOR: We celebrate our tech spirit and stand together as Raider Continue Reading

Big Wave Surfing in Chile, Peru, and Mexico – Red Bull Chasing the Swell 2012

A historic surge heads to Chile, Peru, and Mexico …in a matter of one week. I was in Europe participating in some tournaments, but the swell had such magnitude that it caught the attention of all big wave surfers. Hey Ramon… Ok perfect, I’ll call you once I’m in Santiago. Continue Reading

Red Bull Car Park Drift Egypt 2014

It’s not a joke. Everyone asks what are you doing? What’s the point? You’re drifting, playing in the streets, you’re driving around a cone. The money you spend on your car is going to waste. They say we’re playing and damaging our cars and tires. People look down their noses Continue Reading

Drift Racing in Bulgaria – Red Bull Car Park Drift 2013

The competition is really tough and it’s getting tougher every day. The car is crafted by our team – Drift Tigers – it has a stock engine, 3000 cubic, with GT40 turbine, 580 horse power, professionally prepared for drifting, as I said — by our team. I’m really looking forward Continue Reading

Extreme Foil Racing in Japan – Red Bull Foiling Generation 2015

That was awesome. It was fun! I’m excited because we had a great run. The world final will be a top-level contest so we will have to train harder and stay focused on each event to be able to become number one at the world final