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Welcome, Frank “El Médico.” It’s a pleasure to have you here. Many of us know you for your work as an engineer and producer on rap albums, Lapiz Consciente from the Dominican Republic, El B from Cuba, Eptos Uno from Mexico, La Mala Rodríguez from Spain, C. Tangana and a Continue Reading

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49 channels. 49 channels, right? Yes. (laughs) This is a blessing. Of course! I’ll understand everything I’ve done. So far I did everything without knowing how it was done. Now, you are explaining to me, showing to me. I can only say, “My God!” (laughs) Oh my God, that scares Continue Reading

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I’m from the “do it yourself” generation, that turns the bedroom into a studio. 80, 90 percent of my work I did this way. The two main things the guys listened to were funk and trap. So I did both on a single track. It’s been a long time since Continue Reading

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Identify yourself transit artist I am Delta 2 from the underground system of New York City I’m confirming information about the artist, rapper, philosopher, Rammellzee Haha, of course! I thought you would know him, answer these questions… Who made this art that you could only photograph in the dark? Rammellzee Continue Reading

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