Hey rich boy, you gonna lose today. how about oil change, rust lord SHOPPING CART RACE Rogue Agent vs Rust Lord

Behind the scenes of Cuphead – a record breaking master piece. | Levels

CHAD: We were contacted by Guinness World Records, when they heard about Cuphead. We came to have three records. The best one is the most hand-drawn frames of animation in a video game and it’ll be over forty-five thousand frames. The most boss battles in a run and gun shoot Continue Reading

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oil man deep hand into boiling oil must see this video Luxury mumbai auto wonder rickshaw must see this video. auto have LCD TV and WIFI super power electric boy deepak jangra bear upto 11000 volt must see on this video superbus coming up india in 2020, all are request Continue Reading

Kudu Bull hunt, 65″! What a monster.

okay good morning I think it will be a good morning it’s gonna be something that you’ve been looking forward to for three, okay try to hunt it for three years but looking forward to for your whole life my whole life you know so it’s a dream dream animal Continue Reading

10 Insane World Records You’ll Never See Ever Again…

Every year people take it upon themselves to raise the bar of what’s humanly possible, and do some of the craziest things imaginable. Some put their all into it, while others risk it all to be crowned the new Guinness world record holders. In any case, when a new record Continue Reading

Classic track vs Audi R8 LSM – The Red Bull Terramar Race

The human being is the one that sets the rule and the engine replies The car has to have the soul of the human being, otherwise, it is a machine that does not vibrate The man gives soul to the engine This circuit was built at the beginnings of 1922. Continue Reading

Chassol: New Album “Big Sun” | Interview and Live @ Red Bull Studios

I HAVE NO IDEA! This thing makes no sense. You’ve got a line like this, a line on its own for a… for example, for a monophonic instrument and pianos, guitars, which are polyphonic instruments, they allow you to place several notes below the line, to harmonize, as in to Continue Reading

Behind-The-Scenes of the WCC Baseball Tournament

Banner Island Ballpark. That is the site of the very first ever WCC baseball tournament. Rich Hill “It’s great to see us evolve as a conference and and have this tournament.” Nino Giarratano: “And the excitement really takes off for the conference and it leads to us getting two or Continue Reading

Gran Sikuriada en Lima 2012 – Tema :Torero

Gran Sikuriada en Lima 2012 – Tema :Torero