Go Sukashi! – Season 2 – Ep #7: Urchins on High

CHET MACINTOSH: Hey, folks at home. This is lead anchor Chet Macintosh here at News 5. It’s been a crazy day in the city. Going to throw it down to field reporter Jillian O’Shanter, who’s crossing the Ts, Ps, and Cs. Oh, Jillian? JILLIAN O’SHANTER: Thanks, Chet. Tragedy strikes mayoral Continue Reading

Medjugorje Message, May 2, 2019 – Apparitions to Mirjana

Medjugorje Message, May 2, 2019 – Apparitions to Mirjana “Dear children, with a motherly love I am calling you to respond to the great love of my Son, with pure and open hearts, with complete trust. I know the greatness of His love. I carried Him within me, the Host Continue Reading

Media Lost #7: Rodeo Bloopers

I’m going to be honest with you. Good rodeo, bad rodeo. I can’t really tell the difference. Allegedly this is a sport and as such it was subject to a blooper compilation. This was the early’ 90s. But what exactly is a rodeo blooper? Well hang on to your hats Continue Reading

Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic – Game Trailer || T-Bull

Lucky Fishermen Who Caught Never-Before-Seen Creatures

– Fishing’s a popular sport because of how exciting it is to never know what you’re going to catch. Poking your rod into the deepest, darkest depths may catch you a boot, but even rarer than that, you may discover an entirely new species never seen before. Here are some Continue Reading

Why the Northernmost Town in America Exists

This is a Wendover Productions video in collaboration with RealLifeLore, and made possible by Squarespace. Build your website for 10% off by going to squarespace.com/wendover. 3,500 miles from Washington, D.C., 3,000 miles north of Los Angeles, 750 miles north of Anchorage, where the ground never melts, where the snow falls Continue Reading