How to pull a calf (heifer)

The most important things first, if you’re here needing help getting a calf pulled go to the three minute and 15 second point where I began to talk about how to get that calf pulled. To everyone else welcome back, my hopes are that you not only come for some Continue Reading

Visit Our Wyoming Life – AirBnb, Hunting & Harvest Hosts

Hi I’m Mike, have you ever wished you could visit us here on the ranch? See the animals, the sites and yes even the smells? Well beginning today you can and we are going to talk about 3 ways you can do that and give away a year long membership Continue Reading

Moving into March on the Ranch

Hi I’m Mike, the cows are the backbone of the ranch, and right now we are at the point where we can have a calf any day now. We are going to take a look at our most likely to have that first calf of the season, and what else Continue Reading

Tweels – Michelin, The Ranch & The Future of Tires!

hi I’m Mike ever heard the saying don’t reinvent the wheel well it turns out that might have been the worst advice ever given as today we do just that and look at the future of the tire and reinvent how we roll on our wyoming life this is our Continue Reading

Bulls fighting for dominance

Today is fight day! Our two bulls have been out with different herds and they will be separated from their cows and put back together for a few months. This always ends in a battle of testosterone-fueled aggression and brute strength. Come along as we take a front-row seat in Continue Reading

Do All Cows Have Horns? and Other Agriculture Questions

Hi I’m Mike, ranching, farming and agriculture in general is a mystery. 48 percent of americans say they never seek information about where their food was grown or how it was produced. Today we grapple with that, as we take a look at a few agricultural questions, that may just Continue Reading

Number 127 Update and Mike Screws Up!

hi I’m Mike a few weeks ago we got to deal with a cranky cow with a sore leg and today we’re gonna head out and check on her and I’m gonna take the chance to show you around the barn where we nursed her back to health it’s all Continue Reading

Swiss Cows: How to meet these curious and funny animals!

Chewing my my wheel… Hey guys I’ve just arrived with my mountain bike to something you will most likely arrived to as well. Because you and I are both not pro bikers. Behind me, you will see a gate that enters a pasture. Now you can see this is a Continue Reading

Conservation Media® – Livestock Guardian Dogs: Working on Common Ground – People & Carnivores

My name is Cody Lockhart And I ranch in north-central, Saskatchewan. When we first moved up to this northern parkland, we found the coyotes were packing up in the winter and we were losing about one 80- to 90-pound wether every morning. It was almost like clockwork. Economically, it simply Continue Reading