Crochet Spectrum Fashion Scarf

And welcome back to the Red, as well as The Crochet Crowd. I’m your host Mikey, and we’re gonna be working on these gorgeous scarves that you see here. This is called the Spectrum Scarf. And it’s a free pattern available on Red But let me save you Continue Reading

Menemen, Eggs scrambled with tomatoes and green pepper, Ägg krympade med tomater och grön paprika

firstly we heat up the pan and add 3 table spoon of oil after the oil little heated add the chopped green pappers and fry them till they will be soft. it is time to add chopped tomatoes. we cook them till they will start to boil. whenever they start Continue Reading

How to make Perfect Scrambled Eggs With English Subtitle | Cook With Fariha (2017)

Hello Freinds Today we are going to make Scrambled Eggs Eggs & Water quantity will be same It’s very quick and easy With few tricks We’ll make perfect Scrambled Eggs Add Eggs in Bowl I have add salt to taste And almost 3 tablespoon water Now Beat properly Our mixture Continue Reading

Anda Bhurji | Recipe by Archana | Quick & Easy Scrambled Egg | Indian Breakfast in Marathi

I have eggs with me! And this is onion, tomato, green chilli.. ..garlic cloves, coriander, turmeric and oil! You guessed it right! ‘Egg Bhurji’. Primarily, switch the stove on. Heat the oil. 3 tbsp oil, approximately. Once the oil is hot enough,.. ..add 4-5 garlic cloves. 3-4 green chillies. Use Continue Reading

Polish Breakfast – Potato Pancakes, Pork Sausages, Scrambled Eggs & Sour Cream Dip

Hello my lords, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Nick Saraf’s Foodlog! It’s time for us to head out east and we have come to dear old very cold, Poland! So today, I am going to be making a Polish breakfast. Now the names for the dishes in this breakfast Continue Reading

Easy Tofu Recipe for Tofu Beginners — Tofu Breakfast Scramble

chef buck here and today we’re gonna cook up a delicioso tofu scramble for breakfast if you’re gonna be making a breakfast scramble use firm don’t get soft…would joe pesci use soft tofu but the first thing we’re gonna do is to open this up and I always have a Continue Reading

Super American Staffordshire Terrier – IGP Protection training – #amstaffyankee

Blind search! Here! Blind search! Here! Blind search! Here! Blind search! Here! Blind search! Here! Blind search! [Barking] Heel! Heel! Sit! Helper quit! Heel! Bite! [Barking] Heel! Down! Out! [Barking] Bite! Helper back! Heel! Heel! Guard! Heel! Heel! Sit!

Scrambled Eggs three different ways

Greetings Gastronauts! This is Keef Cooks, I’m Keef and today I’m going to show you how to do scrambled eggs, 3 different ways. [ MUSIC ] Probably more than a month ago I got a request from Ross Hudson, asking me to demonstrate how you make scrambled eggs in a Continue Reading