Buying Blind Homeless Puppy EVERYTHING He Touches!

COMO BAÑAR A TU PERRO 🐶🛁- Pichu se da un baño con espuma – 🐕 FUNNYDOGS 🚿


– [Narrator] Dogumentary TV, producing the best breed documentaries on YouTube. (fun light music) – I’m Kyle from Rocky Acres Boerboels, and I’ve had Boerboels since 2002. I’ve had numerous ones over the years. I breed occasionally and they are my pets, my ranch guardians, my show dogs, my obedience Continue Reading

English Bull Dog and Yorkie

Sissi rescue pitbull & Francesco

Her name’s Sissi, I’m Francesco. I adopted her from a rescue group in Sicily, they brought her in Turin where I met her, ’cause I collaborate with them. One day they asked me to go to the veterinary clinic where she used to live, waiting for someone to adopt her. Continue Reading

Pup Found On The Side Of The Road Can’t Stop Giving Kisses | The Dodo Adoption Day

Even being in as much pain as she was in, she was all kisses. Faith was found on the side of the road. It was very clear that she was injured, she could not walk. So a good Samaritan picked her up and took her to a shelter. I said, Continue Reading


– [Announcer] Dogumentary TV. Producing the best breed documentaries on YouTube. – My name’s Lisa Cornett of Bay City AmStaffs in Modesto, California. I started into the American Staffordshire Terrier in 1997. My first dog I acquired was through Pam Carter of Gaff Kennels. My main attraction to the breed Continue Reading