Puppy First Day Home Tips – Professional Dog Training Tips

– Do you think can handle this much cuteness? Well, today we’re gonna talk about your first day home with your new puppy. And I’ve got this adorable little eight-week-old puppy named Levi. We’re gonna talk to instructor Kim, who is one of our head instructors of our Head Start Continue Reading

[푸들 루키] 움직이는 생선 인형 본 강아지의 리얼 반응! | 강아지 장난감 추천

Hello, this is Rookie/1years old & Rookie’s sister! Today, i am going to review about Rookie’s NEW toy! Which is DANCING FISH! YAY!!! I bought with $30! It was Exactly $29.99 i was waiting for few days! And its finally here! hohoho Once i saw the review, I couldn’t help Continue Reading

Our Pitbull Puppy Knows Sign Language!

E: She likes the camera E: You like the camera? R: Friend R: Friend R: Friend R: Friend R: Down R: Down R: Down R: Down R: Down R: Down E: Morning E: oh, you’re so good E: did you like your walk this morning? E: oh you’re so good. Continue Reading

Mississippi Mom Is The $15,000 Pit Bull Queen

RENEE CASTLEMAN: These Pit Bulls, I think they are different because they are more loyal and they are going to give their all for you. Who wouldn’t love this beautiful dog? He is amazing. RENEE CASTLEMAN: So our house is not the normal house; either one dog is running this Continue Reading