Super American Staffordshire Terrier – IGP Protection training – #amstaffyankee

Blind search! Here! Blind search! Here! Blind search! Here! Blind search! Here! Blind search! Here! Blind search! [Barking] Heel! Heel! Sit! Helper quit! Heel! Bite! [Barking] Heel! Down! Out! [Barking] Bite! Helper back! Heel! Heel! Guard! Heel! Heel! Sit!

Drift Racing and Burnouts in the UAE – Red Bull Car Park Drift

Ras al-Khaimah United Arab Emirates This race was very nice. This marked the first round of the Red Bull Car Park Drift Qualifier. Thankfully, we won first place in Ras al-Khaimah and will hopefully rank first in Kuwait, as we did last year. See you in Kuwait.

Push Ups on Red Bull Cans | Whitney’s Kitchen Gymnastics

Hello folks and welcome to Kitchen Gymnastics! I’m your host, Whitney Bjerken and today I am going to be doing Red Bull Push Ups. Now, I don’t normally drink Red Bull But when I do I drink Red Bull So, basically what I am doing is I am going to Continue Reading

Ninety Tutorial – Red Bull SPINKINGS Academy Episode 4

Today we’ll do the “ninety”, or also called “ninety-nine”, as you know this is my specialty. It’s my favorite power move. Very important for the ninety is the start. Legs wide open, pose like a superhero. Ok it’s a joke! When you lean on your left arm on the floor Continue Reading

Netherlands’ Oldest Extreme Sport – Red Bull Fierste Ljepper

I felt this jump was really special. I was so high up on the pole. It was more than a meter higher than normal. The time in the air was longer than ever. A very special feeling.