Socially Awkward Alpaca Gets Pushed Outside Her Comfort Zone | Cody The Tiny Alpaca (Episode 3)

Cody, are your friends here? Shall we go see your friends? Let’s do it. Sherpa agrees. Let’s go see your friends! Let’s go see your friends. One of the things we’ve been trying to do recently is try and get her outside more. To be out with the other kids. Continue Reading

Rescued Giant Sea Turtle Is Thrilled To Swim Back To The Ocean | The Dodo First Taste Of Freedom

Munchkin was found out on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. They thought they saw what was a rock, until they approached and they realized it was a giant sea turtle. When she came in her temperature was very low. She was also underweight. The front right flipper and the rear flipper were Continue Reading


– [Narrator] Dogumentary TV. Producing the best breed documentaries on YouTube. (dog barking) (lively acoustic guitar music) – Hi, my name’s Sandy Lindstedt, and my kennel name is Triumph Mini Bulls. I’ve always liked the bull terrier and mini bulls. I had Great Danes at the time, and I’d gone Continue Reading

Cockroach Giving Birth While Being Devoured By Fire Ants

OMG, I believe I have just filmed the most gruesome, disturbing, and even morally challenging video I have ever shot in my entire life. This here is my Fire Ant colony, which you, the viewers have voted to be called “The Fire Nation”, and as they say, all was well Continue Reading

UNBELIEVABLE Tales of Pit Bull Heroes

Hi guys! Welcome to Awesome America, it’s me, Jeff Defending their humans from other humans, and even protecting their animal friends , these heroic dogs have earned their place on our list of True Tales of Pitbull Heroes 10. Jack VS Coyotes Jack is a rescue dog with an unlikely Continue Reading

Bully: The Story of The Rock Dog

When we got the phone call and email for Enzo, we just knew that we had to do something immediately. It was in July, it was like super-duper, 110 degree heat. We basically got an email about this dog that was abandoned in a rental property. It was the property Continue Reading

Camel So Skinny His Humps Collapsed Gets Strong Enough To Run Free | The Dodo First Taste Of Freedom

We got a call that there was a starving camel, so starved… He was in a small pen. You could see every one of his ribs. Bubba looked like he had just given up on life. I got a text with a picture of a camel. I came the next Continue Reading


– [Announcer] Dogumentary TV producing the best breed documentaries on YouTube. (dog barks) (upbeat electronic music) – I’m Drew Lindstrom. – I’m Ross Lindstrom. – This is Hank, our dog. – This is Hank. – He’s a bull terrier and we’ve had him for about five years now. We adopted Continue Reading

Incubating Bullsnake Eggs- My Worst Experience Ever

All right, mrs. Wilson is Partially in her lay box. So we’re going to check And see if there are any eggs to be found It would be a little early because she shed only like three days ago And usually they shed which is called their pre lay shed Continue Reading