– [Narrator] Dogumentary TV, producing the best breed documentaries on YouTube. (fun light music) – I’m Kyle from Rocky Acres Boerboels, and I’ve had Boerboels since 2002. I’ve had numerous ones over the years. I breed occasionally and they are my pets, my ranch guardians, my show dogs, my obedience Continue Reading

Do Animals Cheat On Each Other?

From foxes, to lions, to even pandas, join me as I reveal to you some of the top cheaters in the animal kingdom, as well as those that mate for life! 13. Wolves Wolves are known for many things in the world, and not all of them are good things. Continue Reading

Magical food play with Awesome Funny Pet Animals

Ah, wut a butiful day! oops, no! (Time 2 be hero.) Ooh! I am late no, Ugh… Time 4 plan B Wut the?? Oops yummy Oooh…stop that yummy bb (microwave ringing) Ah. I am late…again! (ringing sound) want to eat So many foods 2 choose from Hey good lookin. where Continue Reading

Herman The Scaredy Cat’s First Christmas | CUTE AS FLUFF

COMM: Earlier in the year we met Herman, the exotic shorthair from Copenhagen, whose oversized eyes gave him a look of constant surprise and endeared him to a legion of fans around the world. Just a few months later, he now has 14,000 followers on Instagram and is preparing for Continue Reading

English Bull Dog and Yorkie

WEEKLY GOOD MESSAGE Feb 10 // Under it all… // Look at THAT!

hi it’s Veronica your groundbreaking artist here at Shaboo Prints welcome back to the Shaboo Prints artist’s studio to receive your weekly Shaboost! a positive message or a thought that will start your week off on and up… You know we’ve all been kind of swinging quite a bit lately Continue Reading

Best Friends TV Episode 5: Moose Overcomes His Past

The brave. The resilient. The hilarious. Even the misunderstood. Meet a few of the most memorable and prepared to be inspired. So before moose arrived at Best Friends, he was an extremely jumpy mouthy dog. So what that means is that when he saw people, when people came into his Continue Reading

Sissi rescue pitbull & Francesco

Her name’s Sissi, I’m Francesco. I adopted her from a rescue group in Sicily, they brought her in Turin where I met her, ’cause I collaborate with them. One day they asked me to go to the veterinary clinic where she used to live, waiting for someone to adopt her. Continue Reading