Lion Loves His Pet Wiener Puppy Dog | Love Nature

Winwood Oklahoma is a wildlife refuge that’s home to a variety of creatures due to the recent strains on the economy many places that shelter animals have been forced to shut down leaving them in need of a new place to go also at the part lives a more familiar Continue Reading

GoLeyGo 2.0 by Kerbl / Führleine Hund

connects in seconds can be unlocked under load super easy to connect magnet connects automatically


Spiked Leather Dog Collar for Walking on English Bull Terrier

Is it possible to combine functionality and exclusive style? Yes, it’s possible with this unique collar, made of genuine leather with blunted decorations. This collar is extra wide and has 4 rows of nickel-plated spikes and manually set rivets. The hardware is used to adjust the collar on the dog’s Continue Reading

Rescue Dog Xena Saves Autistic Boy | Dogs with Extraordinary Jobs | Love Nature

When Johnny was less than two, something wasn’t quite right. We would take him to the doctor and he wasn’t eating the way he should, he wasn’t sleeping the way he should. The TV was on, it was our nightly news here in Atlanta. And this horrifying photo of Xena Continue Reading

Cat Giving Birth to 5 kittens with complete different color

Belly is going to be a mom First contraction Petting helps her feeling better More, please! Amniotic sac come out Keep contraction It has been 2 hours… Goat milk replenish her energy Welcome to this world First Time Meow Cut the cord for you “My Babe” Belly’s Second Child Placenta Continue Reading

2M SUB SPECIAL FOR CRITTER LOVERS 💖 *Animal Fans Celebrating 2M Sub* | Kritter Klub

Thank you so much, you are so cute

New York Dog Has $1,500 Luxury Car Collection

ANISHA LAKHANI: How many dogs you know that have a Bentley, a Ferrari, a Porsche and a Beemer? ANISHA LAHHANI: I’m going to go bold and I’m going to say that Luigi Maestro has the largest car collection in the United States and possibly out of any dog on planet Continue Reading

Saving Dogs with PETA Fieldworkers

[music playing] [Dan] It’s January 26th, 2013. It’s a very special day because Virginia has snow, but it’s an even more special day because it’s Kendall Bryant’s birthday, AKA Robin Banks, AKA The Straw Boss. Let’s go save some dogs. [music playing] [music playing] [Dan] C’mere, Bear! [music playing] [Kendall] Continue Reading


– [Narrator] Dogumentary TV, producing the best breed documentaries on YouTube. (dog barking) (soft music) – I’m Annie with Odisseia Cane Corso. (soft music) I do a lot with my dogs. I participate in a sport formerly known as Shiton, it’s called IGP now. But that’s my main thing that Continue Reading