Pit Bull With Kittens

Pit Bull + Kittens=Pittens

WEIRD Food Combinations People LOVE!!! *PIZZA & SOUR CANDY* Eating Funky & Gross Impossible Foods

✅ Four injured at Running of the Bulls as runners form human hurdle for animals

Four people were injured on the third day of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, as dozens of runners formed pile of bodies for the raging animals to jump over Men sprawled on top of each other covering their heads with their hands but this was evidently not enough Continue Reading

Francis Cabrel – La Corrida, translation by Marc-Philippe

I’ve been waiting, I’ve been patient In a place as dark as night I hear cheering, I hear singing coming from outside Soon as the gate does open up I dive into the light of day Seeing the people behind the fences And a brass band play I always used Continue Reading

Top 10 Animals Found Frozen In Time And Ice

10 Animals That Lay Frozen There isn’t any scarcity of animals on our lovely planet Earth, right? So many species, breeds and hybrids that we can never learn about them all! Some tempt us to pet them while the rest scare us to death, but we are still intrigued by Continue Reading

“Great exorcism” performed on Mexico after drug violence

Exorcisms. The spritual practice of evicting demons which are believed to have possessed people take place in many communties in the world. Catholic church officials in Mexico say they’ve performed a nation-wide exorcism in response to Pope Francis’s recent comments – when he said the devil is punishing the country Continue Reading

10 Insane World Records You’ll Never See Ever Again…

Every year people take it upon themselves to raise the bar of what’s humanly possible, and do some of the craziest things imaginable. Some put their all into it, while others risk it all to be crowned the new Guinness world record holders. In any case, when a new record Continue Reading