Biper y Sus Amigos – Sansón (Video Oficial) [4K]

Yo soy Superman Y Puedo Ver Atraves De las paredes Y yo yo Soy Spiderman EL Hombre Araña Y te atrapare con mi telaraña Biper Biper hay heroes en la Biblia Claro y estos son de verdad Escuchen Sansón era un gigante Asi Asi Asi Tenia unos brazotes asi asi Continue Reading

Urban Cowboy (7/9) Movie CLIP – Gilley’s Rodeo Competition (1980) HD

On the first go-round. All right. Are you ready, wes? Get him, sam. [ horn blows ] All right. A fine ride by wes hightower, Ladies and gentlemen. Let’s take a look at wes’ score there…An 80! All right.An 80 combined with an 81 Gives wes hightower a grand total Continue Reading

Dog And Duck Are Inseparable Best Friends

COMM: Orange County-based mum Pam is owner to a rather eclectic group of pets. But it’s her dog Barclay and pet duck Rudy who have formed a close, but rather unexpected bond. PAM: When the ducks first arrived, Barclay didn’t care about them at all. But that all changed once Continue Reading