[ENG SUB]Ashes from Fireworks Hua Chenyu Zebra Music Festival @Shanghai 华晨宇热波音乐节-烟火里的尘埃

> From Hua Chenyu’s 1st Album: Quasimodo’s Gift (2014) Composer: Xi Lou Lyricist: Albert Leung Arranger: Xi Lou, Bernard Zheng Watching the dancing ashes Falling to the ground No one notices their existence So free and unbounded But the whole world loves company There’s no place for me to be Continue Reading

Kezah ft Freddy – Mirador

♪ (Mi amor) ♪ ♪ Rio, Cancún, Marbella ♪ ♪ You, me, the sun, my bella ♪ ♪ Versace, Gucci, Margiela ♪ ♪ I’ve got style like Manny Ribera ♪ ♪ Cigarillo, in the barillo ♪ ♪ Vanilla perfume, a lot of money ♪ ♪ I only invited her for Continue Reading