Air Algerie plane crashes with 116 people on board

A plane en route to Algeria has crashed after it lost contact with airline Algerie. The aircraft took off from Burkina Faso in West Africa and was uncontactable for several hours. However an Algerian aviation official has now confirmed the plane has crashed. Spanish airline Swiftair, which is thought to Continue Reading

Floating fast food? Astronauts tuck into space burgers

Ever wondered what life is like in Space? Well, for these NASA astronauts it can be pretty similar to life on Earth. Ultra high resolution video has been released showing space life through a remarkably clear lens. And yes – it appears astronauts eat burgers too! That’s American Terry Virts Continue Reading

Unconscious dog rescued by firefighters after blaze at flat in Chile

A dog was resuscitated by medics after being found by firefighters as they were tackling a blaze in Chile. The fire is said to have broken out at around 4pm on Monday, from the 12th floor of an old block of flats in the capital of Santiago. Among the victims Continue Reading

How we’ll find extraterrestrial life in 20 to 30 years

If there is life outside of Earth, whatever it may be probably already knows we exist. Former NASA astronaut John Grunsfield has said so-called “aliens” would be able to sense our presence – even without visiting our planet. Speaking yesterday, Grunsfield said yesterday that changes that life on Earth has Continue Reading

Houses of Parliament repairs could cost £7.1bn

Restoration work on the Houses of Parliament could cost as much as 5.7 billion pounds – and take 32 years to complete. However, the hefty pricetag could drop to 3.5 billion pounds if MPs and peers are moved out of the building. The 150 year old Grade one listed property Continue Reading

“Great exorcism” performed on Mexico after drug violence

Exorcisms. The spritual practice of evicting demons which are believed to have possessed people take place in many communties in the world. Catholic church officials in Mexico say they’ve performed a nation-wide exorcism in response to Pope Francis’s recent comments – when he said the devil is punishing the country Continue Reading

Three-year-old boy stuck in a washing machine is cut free by firefighters in China

A young boy in eastern China had to be rescued after he found himself stuck in a washing machine. Firefighters had to cut the 3-year-old free by opening up the back of the appliance using hydraulic sheers. They managed to remove the drum intact with the boy still inside and Continue Reading

Dramatic footage: Huge fireballs rip through building in Canada

A three-alarm fire ripped through an industrial complex in Ontario, Canada, in the early hours of Saturday morning. Sending fireballs into the night sky and producing smoke that affected residents from as far as the Mountain area, the blaze erupted around midnight when cylinders filled with flammable liquids exploded. About Continue Reading

Commonwealth Games: The Queen ‘photobombs’ Australian hockey star’s selfie

When the Queen arrived at the Commonwealth Games in Scotland’s National Hockey Centre this morning, she probably wasn’t expecting to become an internet hit. But that’s because she probably wasn’t planning on creating the world’s best ever photobomb. Yes. that’s right. The Queen made a special guest appearance in the Continue Reading

WORLD FIRST: Scientists film death of white blood cell and discover alert system

In a world first, the death of a human white blood cell has been caught on camera. Researchers at La Trobe University in Australia used time lapse photography to make this video, showing a white blood cell as it died – A key component of the body’s defence against disease. Continue Reading