Nuremberg: Infamy on Trial – Yves Simoneau/ avec Charlotte Gainsbourg

hey guys come on come on separate the officers for interrogation I’ll be damned yellow spots we meet at last rush Marshall Goering my wife my daughter urate Air Force has destroyed my beautiful Luftwaffe and leveled our beautiful cities even so I prefer to surrender to a fellow Airmen Continue Reading

Nuremberg Day 83-84 Goering (translated captions)

What powers did Funk have in the issuing of regulations, et cetera, for economic administration in the occupied territories? I can no longer remember in detail now. The general directive he received from me. Proceeding from this directive, how far and to whom he issued departmental instructions in occupied territory, Continue Reading

Nuremberg Day 84 Goering Part 1 (translated captions)

That was, as far as I am concerned, my firm intention. We found it to be no longer necessary. Also I would like to emphasize the fact that we were moreover the strongest parliamentary, and had the majority. But you are correct when you say that parliamentary procedure was done Continue Reading