Brooklyn Cat Cafe Employs Rats To Care For Kittens | CUTE AS FLUFF

ANNE LEVIN: Everyone always likes to see some kind of cross-species relationship, I think it gives all of us hope that, you know, we can all get along and peace is a possibility. COMM: Wander in to the Brooklyn Cat Café on Atlantic Avenue and you could end up leaving Continue Reading

Inmigrante muestra cómo vive en un apartamento bajo tierra en Nueva York| Al Rojo Vivo | Telemundo

Known Snitch Tim Allen Don’t Play Spades | BONUS Clip | DESUS & MERO

Yo while doing press for “Toy Story 4” a reporter asked Tom Hanks and known snitch Tim Allen about their connection to the culture. That’s right! Let me just backtrack if y’all don’t know Tim Allen snitched on a lot of people to avoid a lot of jail time. Look Continue Reading

RAMMELLZEE: It’s Not Who But What | Documentary | Red Bull Music

Identify yourself transit artist I am Delta 2 from the underground system of New York City I’m confirming information about the artist, rapper, philosopher, Rammellzee Haha, of course! I thought you would know him, answer these questions… Who made this art that you could only photograph in the dark? Rammellzee Continue Reading

Unusual Ski and Snowboard Race – Red Bull Home Run 2014

I couldn’t see well, it was foggy. There was competition. Over 120 athletes. I saw people passing me by. I was shaking. I couldn’t see where I was heading. Bumps everywhere. Very simply I said, “Okay, I will turn the snowboard straight and whatever happens.” You race without mercy, Unstoppable! Continue Reading

Gran Turismo – World Tour at Red Bull Hanger-7 Trailer | PS4

This would be the stage to do it on. Lights out and away we go. It is anybody’s game. What am I supposed to do? Trying to go the long way around. And he does it! Come on! Mercedes lads are on the top for the first time. He’s up Continue Reading

Burger King Rodeo King Burger – Food Review

Hello, everyone. This is Running on Empty Food Review! Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen. Happy Sunday. Good afternoon. This is Running on Empty Food Review, and I am your host, the Report of the Week. So, it’s another week- I think it’s been almost a week exactly- since I did, Continue Reading