Horns vs. Antlers

There are many things that plague our country today: rampant crime, violent video games, a degradation of family values. But perhaps most importantly, children aren’t being taught to differentiate properly between horns and antlers. Horns and antlers are generally used for defending territory, fighting off predators, and attracting mates. I Continue Reading

A Bear Skull

While preparing for a full day of filming, The Brain Scoop team was paid a surprise visit by a university groundskeeper who had discovered a black bear skull in the woods. It is so old! – Yeah, that’s what I was saying: it was the oldest one he’d seen. And Continue Reading

Iconic: White Rhino

Bull came to Toronto in 1974 and lived at the Toronto Zoo was due for thirty four years until 2008. At that time the senior veterinarian at the Zoo called and said that he was a ailing and they were going to euthanize the animal and would we have any Continue Reading

Overnight Track Build Through Airplane Museum! | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

– [Andy] Tonight we’re gonna test the limits Let’s do it! We got twelve hours on the clock Three… And we’re gonna try to build an epic layout Two… And make a video before time runs out One… Can we do it? Go! Yes! Come on! (car revving) – [Narrator] Continue Reading

The Royal Tombs of Ur 1.0: The Bull-Headed Lyre [Closed Captioned]

Hi Everyone. This is The Faustian Man and I am coming to you from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania’s Museum. Why are we here? We’re not here for the Flyer’s playoffs although, “Go Flyers!” We’re not here for the Penn relays Right over there We are here for something that Continue Reading

Despicable meander! Minion balloon tours museum

A silent moonlight visitor has been caught on camera touring a Birmingham museum late at night. This helium filled minion balloon seemed to enjoy its private, after hours visit as it bobbed through the collection of masterpieces. It’s thought that the notorious yellow goggle-wearing cartoon creature from the animation film Continue Reading

Plaza La Taurina Bull Fighting Ring | Museum | English | Subtitles | Huamantla | Canadian in Mexico

Chris: This doesn’t make a lot of sense. Josh: This one has a dead horse in it Chris: Doesn’t have… just a dead horse and looks like there were some other dead animals at one point Catherine: A cowboy hat… Josh: The aftermath Hey guys, so I just want to Continue Reading