NEFFEX – Lit 🔥 [Copyright Free]

I’m just fuckin’ lit man I’m just fuckin’ lit drank a bottle of this shit, man bottle of this shit I’m about to write a hit, man ’bout to write a hit no, I’m never gonna quit, man never gonna quit I just took another hit, man took another hit Continue Reading

Massive 35m Kayak Drop from Keyhole Falls

It’s not deep at all so… Hold on for a minute, guys. We’re trying to make a call on how deep the waterfall is at the bottom. This place is too much! Oh, my god! Holy fucking shit! Jesus! Dude, I’m scared to look, dude! It’s six in the morning. Continue Reading

Funny bull terriër compilation Try Not To Laugh with pablo

Now you don’t go outside? still not outside:P Because you sit so good. haha in his legg. STUPID MOUSE!! Bro what you doing? There stuck in the tv, there stuck. Nice job. Again he stole youre food. Sit. leg. go sit high. Go down. good job. Youre stuck bro. How Continue Reading

P90x Modified Day 56 Plus Tips

Welcome friends family and workout buddies! Today out the P90 X Plyometrics we’re going to modify the squat jacks. Okay now on the squat jacks to take out the impact, when I do a squat jack instead of going like this, which is your regular squat jack. I modify instead Continue Reading