The Rickshaw Adventure – Ch.5: Our Thoughts!

(playful sitar music) – Last day, man. It’s almost kind of sad. I am going to miss this place. (upbeat sitar music) (engines loudly humming) – [Mike] A few hours later, we arrived in our final destination, Goa, where our journey would come to an end. – Arrived at the Continue Reading

Shinrin Yoku: The Art of Forest Bathing

– I feel like it’s gonna be a tough day for me. And it’s definitely like at the end of the day you get to a point where you’re like, “I’m exhausted right now,” and it all catches up to you a little bit. All right hold up, let’s rewind. Continue Reading

Iron Path: Demystifying the via ferrata

(dramatic music) – [Man] Oh my God! (music building in intensity) – When it starts off at that waterfall, that’s so dramatic. (piano playing) – We would never be in that canyon without the Via Ferrata. We’re in upper Zillmer Canyon right now. (playful piano music) The Caribou Lodge is Continue Reading

7 Days in Slovenia

(relaxing guitar music) – Yo, so, I’m Ross from Matador. I’m here with Jure from Adventure Slovenia. This is a good friend of mine for six years, who’s always pissed that I’ve never been to his country, and now, it’s time to change that. – [Ross] We went to Lake Continue Reading

The Rickshaw Adventure – Ch.4: Driving Tuk Tuk at Night in India

(playful sitar music) – It’s Wednesday. We pulled over to get fuel. The roads are super easy to drive on today. We’re just trying to make up good time… (voice speaks over PA system) – [Mike] After filling up our rickshaws, we then hit the ground running. We were making Continue Reading