Tower gap – Scrambling na Ben Nevis

I’ve fallen asleep a little bit. Meanwhile, we are already close to Glencoe. Every time when I’m here my memories back, specifically my first scrambling on Stob Dearg. The path which I choose with my companions had appropriate to it character name – Curved Ridge. Path led us through very Continue Reading

LITTLE LOUGHEED Winter Scramble 2018, Kananaskis video (HD). Explore Alberta Canada

Just heading up to do Little Lougheed. And there’s a bunch of people already headed up to break trail for us. So that’s perfect. So the trail for Little Lougheed starts basically 25 kms south on the Spray Lakes Road from the bridge in Canmore. A bunch of people out Continue Reading

Bristly Ridge & Y Gribin Ridge – Scrambling Grade 1 – AltiVlog #12

I’m so lazy, I forced Pawel to sit And I must admit, it’s me I am lazy Emilia today ??? (probably I love sitting on this rock :D) Look the sun is coming out We are in between Tryfan and Glyders near Bristly Ridge which we are going on today, Continue Reading

Red Rock Quad – Trail Running, Hiking, and Scrambling for 33 miles!

it’s 4:18 we’re about to start welcome to Mountain High adventurers YouTube channel for adults we talk about all things mountains cannabis and adventure running welcome back adventurers the day has finally come it’s April 20th 2019 and we’re out here attempting the Red Rock quad the idea is to Continue Reading

Wasootch Ridge, Kananaskis scramble (HD)

Alright, Just got the GoPro out. We werent sure how far we were going to get. The snow was about a foot deep in places but we havent even had snowshoes out. Heres the first little tape marking here. Thats where you gain the ridge right there. Just a beautiful Continue Reading

Deep-water soloing competition in Spain – Red Bull Creepers 2014

Let’s take a swim. This is the first dip we take. Just look around at all the people who have gathered together to watch today’s show. I think Red Bull Creepers is going to be spectacular.

Shinrin Yoku: The Art of Forest Bathing

– I feel like it’s gonna be a tough day for me. And it’s definitely like at the end of the day you get to a point where you’re like, “I’m exhausted right now,” and it all catches up to you a little bit. All right hold up, let’s rewind. Continue Reading

Hiking and Camping in Kazakhstan. July 2016

Hey guys, my friends and i decided to get together and go on a hike! One of the friends… ugh… One of my friends who’s going with me, or rather I am going with him, is my good friend Dima. Dmitry is a doctor. Please let them know where we Continue Reading

Northern Quebec Caribou Hunt | Bull Fight

The High Road is dedicated to the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. Past, Present and Future. Meet Keith Warren. As a thirty year veteran of the outdoor industry, and devoted conservationist, the Original Texas Angler and outdoor television icon has hunted across America and around the Continue Reading